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What others have been saying about Phil Dyer’s training:

Phil Dyer is a tremendously hard working and knowledgeable strength & conditioning professional that I have worked with for more than 10 years. When I was named head men’s basketball coach at Rutgers University, one of my early initiatives was to appoint a dedicated performance coach to train my student-athletes. Competing in the BIG EAST, the nation’s best and toughest basketball conference requires individuals who produce results. After having worked with Coach Dyer at Seton Hall University and at various skill and development camps, I had no doubt that Phil was the right person for the job. I generally refer to Coach Dyer as the best in the business. The reason I feel this is broader than the weight program itself. As a former multi-sport collegiate athlete, he is a student of the game. Phil listens to our people and studies our program. He is present at all practices and is invested in the personal development of each player. As a result, he is able to implement, adjust and execute training systems that meet the specific needs of our team. Our players have made tremendous strides under Phil’s direction. Not only have our young men gained strength and speed as a result of his training techniques, they have gained mental toughness. He is responsible for training our team in-season, during the five week pre-season and five month post -season. I would entrust Phil to train any team of mine. An athlete trained by Coach Dyer will be prepared to meet the goals set forth.
Fred Hill, Jr.
Head Coach, Rutgers University Men’s Basketball

As our strength and conditioning coach at Caldwell College, Phil Dyer has provided our student-athletes with programming that has consistently improved their strength, agility and quickness. His motivational skills combined with his extensive knowledge of conditioning and weight training have helpeddevelopour student-athletestoperform at or above their full potential. Not only has his role with our teams contributed to our success at the Division II level, but Phil’s training has prepared some of our student-athletes for professional careers in their sport. It is my belief that Phil Dyer is one of the fines strength and conditioning coaches in the state of New Jersey.
Mark A. Cordino
Head Coach, Caldwell College Men’s Basketball

Phil has been a long-time supporter of the Jersey Hot Shots AAU basketball program and has selflessly devoted his time on a completely volunteer basis. Not only has he made an invaluable contribution to the program, but more importantly, dozens of our young athletes have benefited tremendously from his strength and conditioning techniques. Phil also has a keen understanding of the game is able to tailor his training regimen to the specific needs of our players. My son, Bryan, who is now playing D1 at Stony Brook University was one of many players who benefited greatly from Phil’s strength and conditioning program. The entire Hot Shots organization wishes Phil all the best in his new venture.
Kevin Dougher
Jersey Hot Shots

Coach Dyer was the athletic trainer / strength coach the year I was fortunate to have a great group of senior leaders, who led us to the NCAA II college world series in 2004 (45-7). With any team talented or not, you always worry about injuries / staying strong and healthy. Because this was a veteran led club – habits, comfort zones and training disciplines had been firmly established. When two of my senior leaders (pitcher and catcher) asked Coach Dyer to help with their winter program – he did so while maintaining their basic principles and philosophies. The minor tweaks he added allowed the girls bodies to grow athletically without interfering with their natural ability to pitch or throw to second base. With Coach Dyer and his athletic training we had a better perspective on staying healthy; with his strength training we had a different insight on conditioning and developing natural athleticism. Coach Dyer has been involved with training the softball program since 2004. Over the past five seasons, the Cougars have gone 191-73 overall and 92-16 in the CACC.
Dean Johnson
Head Coach, Caldwell College Women’s Softball

I hired Phil Dyer to run a conditioning program for two groups of kids ages five to nine and 10 – 15. The program was originally supposed to run for an initial six weeks (every Sunday), the class became so popular we ended up running the class for four months. The younger kids affectionately referred to Phil as Phil the torturer. I have not seen a group of kids be more active and have so much fun as they did during Phil’s classes.
Peter Connell
Director, Fred Hill Sports Academy

Mental toughness, encouragement, hard work, sweat, and fat tests are what come to mind when I think about my softball workouts with Phil at Seton Hall University. He held me to a very high standard. Phil pushed me past what I thought I could do and helped me achieve goals I never thought I would. Phil demanded my best attitude and effort when I showed up to work out. In return he would be encouraging, demanding, and positive. He would communicate honestly and candidly during and after workouts about what I was doing and not doing, physically, mentally and nutritionally that kept me from achieving my goals. Even now, after leaving Seton Hall and moving on to a career, I have the opportunity to talk with Phil and he is always asking about my workouts and challenging me to work even harder and to push past what I think I can do to accomplish what I actually can do!
Misty Beaver
Former Seton Hall University Softball Star
Rutgers University Softball Assistant Coach

I have known Coach Dyer for many years and he has always shown a passion for young athletes. Coach Dyer’s technique and organization is outstanding and have benefited all the athletes he has worked with taking the extra time to develop an athletes potential is a special quality that Coach Dyer has.
Fred Hill, Sr.
Head Coach, Rutgers University Men’s Basketball

Dear Phil,

I want to thank you for delivering exactly what you promised and we discussed. In today’s world, this behavior is atypical.

I remember when we first spoke last December and I told you that my 17 year-old son, Michael, had been poorly trained about a year earlier and that training was inappropriate for his sport, lacrosse. Also, my 13 year-old son, Richard, is a lacrosse and hockey player and we had some conditioning issues with him.

After our discussion, the four of us met, discussed the program goals, and you tested both of them prior to designing their individualized training program. I remember you carefully explaining (on a number of occasions) that at Richard’s age, he could not lift heavier weights and you modified his program accordingly. The most important item we discussed is that the training program is just one of the components for my children to successfully and intensively compete at high levels.

After a few weeks, the changes in their physiques and especially their performance were quite obvious. Michael was quickly rounding into game shape for his senior season of lacrosse at Seton Hall Prep in West Orange and Richard was running better and had much better stamina for his grueling spring and summer lacrosse seasons. After several months, both sons developed strong bodies and are able to play at the top of their game. The week to week changes in the training regimen is continuing to improve their performance.

Finally, I want to thank you for taking me on as a “trainee”. As a 52-year old in poor physical condition who hasn’t eaten well in years, I have seen many improvements in my life thanks to the work we are doing. I feel much better and, while I won’t be able to get onto a field again to compete in a sport, I am convinced that my conditioning will add years to my life.
Michael B. Baumrind
Roseland, NJ

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me in these past couple of years. I’ve learned things that I would never even think about like how to move my arms when I run. You have taught me everything from how to do a perfect clean n’ jerk, to how to explain myself in math. :) It has been so much fun this year learning all the new tricks and skills for lacrosse that you’ve taught me. It really helped me. Every workout you have for me is different from the last one, never ever the same. You always have a smile on your face every saturday morning at 7:30 when you know i’m happiest, but you always get me moving and I am “Sunshine” again before you know it. It was so nice of you to let Katelyn join us in our monday afternoon workouts this year. I think she learned just as much as I have and she really loves it. I’ve learned so many things and I could never make a list of all of them, but here are a few examples. I learned how to do a perfect squat, move my feet through the speed ladder extremely fast, do a backwards shot in lacrosse, and so many more. I find the most important thing I learned from you is “Never Give Up” and I try to follow that every day. You have truly changed me, even through the eye rolls and sarcasm. I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for me, but I’ll start by saying, THANK YOU!

I started working out at Dynamic Speed and Fitness two years ago, and in that time I have become much stronger, I leaned down, and I feel much more confident. Its a great place to work out. George and Phil are very supportive. Thank You!
Billy, age 15